Authenticity Creates Abundance

Solar Bloom acupuncture is a professional, friendly home-based acupuncture clinic that aims to give every client the most pleasant and effective healing experience.

We’re here to help you to recover and heal from any joint or muscular pains, sprains and strains. Whether you have had a recent injury or feel as though you’re in a constant battle with arthritis or sciatica, we can tailor treatments for you.

In fact, we create treatment plans to suit your individual needs so you can get back into doing what you love free of pain!

Furthermore, as acupuncture works best as a preventative medicine, we are also here to help you prevent any physical disorders from occurring. How good is that?

So, if you’re suffering from a recent or an ongoing injury, physical ailment or would like preventative care, then we can help.

Put an end to your painful physical problems sooner rather than later. Let us help you with your goal to get back on track of a happy and healthy life now!

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